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Saturday, October 9, 2010

DM Orders Proper Relief for Flood Victims

MALDA, 29 AUG: The district magistrate of Malda Mr Pramal Kr Samanta has ordered the block administration to be very scrupulous in distributing the relief materials so that not a single flood-victim gets deprived of the aid. Yesterday the district magistrate inspected the inundated areas along with other officers of the district and block administration. Mr Samanta urged the local political leaders also to co-operate so that the original flood-victims only receive the relief materials.

There had been much hue and cry regarding the disproportionate distribution of relief by the local people and leaders from the inundated areas of Malda. A number of inundated families complained that they had received insufficient relief so far and they had been struggling to survive against flood themselves. “The crisis of drinking water is so acute that we are being forced to consume impure water which might result in severe outbreak of diarrhoea and dysentery any time”, complained the eroded villagers of Debipur and Baharal. They have not received any purified water-tank from PHE department yet. Moreover the water supply from the arsenic-free water plant near Ratua has remained suspended as the plant has succumbed to inundation. The villagers believe that they will be benefited if arsenic-free drinking water is provided to them in pouch-packets at least.

On the other hand, the mending of the sluice gate of the embankment near Teljanna at Harischandrapur II, which was damaged on Thursday, has not yet been completed. However, an irrigation department official said in spite of the completion of the repair work, water is being leaked into. The water of Fulohar is still pouring into Harischandrapur II. Inundated families from Miahat, North and South Bhakuria are still on the embankment.

The water level in Fulohar in protected region was 21.82 metre today while it was 24.42 metre in the Ganges and 19.07 metre in Mahananda. The red alert continues at the unprotected region of Fulohar. If the water level in the Ganges increases steadily, it cannot accommodate the excess water of Fulohar which might endanger Harischandrapur II further.

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