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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Malda Hit by Severe Drought

MALDA, 18 AUG: The state govt. has declared the entire district of Malda as drought affected as the district is severely lacking in rainfall since 1 August. The chief agricultural officer and deputy director of Agriculture Mr Satinath Palit said today that transplantation is pending in 15 percent of 1814 moujas of Malda and there is very little possibility of successful transplantation as the rainfall in the district has been severely less than expected. “Remaining 85 percent of moujas in which the transplantation has already been made, is also facing the consequence of dire rainfall deficit”, Mr Palit said.

He informed that the situation will cast a severe impact upon the production of Amon paddy in the district. “Tomorrow we will hold a meeting with the district magistrate, Malda to discuss the drought situation and the entire amount of loss and the number of drought victim peasants will be sent to the state government after the final assessment”, said Mr Palit.

Regarding the relief to be provided to the cultivators, he said that the bank loan given to them will be excused and mini kits will be distributed among them shortly.

The statistics of rainfall in Malda in August is alarming. Since 1 August the amount of rainfall in Malda is only 68 millimetres which should have been at least 156.9 millimetres till 18 August. It is being apprehended that the rainfall in August will fall much below than expected 302 millimetres. It was learnt from the district agricultural department that the situation is terrible at Gazole and Bamangola blocks where the rainfall recorded so far is as low as 4 millimetres out of expected 35 millimetres in August.

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