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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rahul Gandhi's Envoy in Malda

MALDA, 19 AUG: As a part of the nation wide programme to strengthen the youth Congress and the students’ organization of Congress as envisaged by AICC general secretary Mr Rahul Gandhi, Ms Krishna Hegde who is a close aide of Mr Gandhi and an MLA of Mumbai today addressed a convention with large gathering of youths and students at Malda Town Hall. Ms Hegde said that bright and intellectual students and youths will be encouraged to join Congress in large numbers because youth Congress and the Chhatra Parishad will bring about fresh ideas to Congress.

She informed that following the pattern of the election commission strictly intra-party elections will be conducted across the country to choose the upcoming student and youth leaders. “The elections will be conducted under the monitoring of observers from other states”, said Ms Hegde.

The former district youth Congress president of Malda and MLA, English Bazaar Mr Krishnendu Narayan Choudhury, who was present in the convention, said that former youth Congress leader will offer their experience and counsel to inspire the new leadership. “However they senior leaders will not intervene into the decision and policy making of the new leaders and they will have the liberty to work independently to materialize the dream of Mr RAhul Gandhi”, said Mr Choudhry. (end)

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