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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Strike at E.B. Regulated Market

MALDA, 23 AUG: The workers of English Bazaar regulated market Samity(EBRMS) today started an indefinite strike protesting against the decision of the regulated market authority to install flood-lights in 4 regulated markets of the state including EBRM spending more than Rs 75 lakh. The strike has been jointly convened by different unions of the EBRM workers backed by CITU, INTTUC and Forward Bloc.

The secretary of CITU backed ‘EBRM Karmachari Samity’ (EBRMKS) Mr Bharat Chandra Sarkar said that they submitted a petition to the secretary of EBRM on 20 August seeking the logic behind such a decision which will incur huge and unjustified expense but the authority is rigid in their decision. Mr Sarkar said that commercial transaction in the market commences in the morning and therefore no additional flood-light is necessary. “There might be some vested interest behind fitting the flood-lights spending Rs 75 lakh while there are 86 sodium-vapour lamps already in the market complex”, he said. He demanded that if the installation cost is being born by NABARD, as being claimed by the authority, the EBRMKS must be shown the proposal from NABARD. Mr Bharat Sarkar threatened that under no circumstances EBRMS will be allowed to bear the expense of installing the floodlight.

The secretary of EBRMS, Mr Debjyoti Sarkar said in the afternoon that the district magistrate has convened an emeregency meeting this evening with all unions and Mr Sarkar will also be present in the meeting. He said that he could comment on the issue only after the meeting.

The state agriculture marketing minister Dr Mortoza Hossain said that he came to know about the strike this morning only when he reached Malda. “I shall seek a report from the concerned officials as soon as I arrive in Kolkata”, the minister said.

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