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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Minister Raps CMOH for Bad Shape of Hospitals

MALDA, 21 JUNE: The state women and children development and social welfare minister Mrs Sabitri Mitra strongly reprimanded the chief medical officer of health (CMOH) for the deplorable conditions of hospitals and health centres in the district. The CMOH also faced a strong criticism from the minister for having transferred seven doctors flouting the order of the state government. The minister asked the CMOH to immediately cancel the transfer order and to concentrate on developing the health services in Malda.

This may be mentioned that several allegations have been raised against the hospital and the health centre authorities in the district. The condition of health services allegedly deteriorated in past two years all the more. Death of new of babies in the hospital, negligence on the part of the doctors, lack of infrastructure in the district hospital and health centres became the headlines of media several times. However, no visible corrective measures were allegedly noticed on the part of the district health administrations. The former sabhadhipati and the district magistrate expressed strong annoyance over the activities of the CMOH a number of times.

The CMOH Dr Shrikanta Roy issued a transfer-order no 2205/1/8/A(27)of seven doctors posted at rural areas on 2 June. Though the joint secretary of the health and family welfare department issued an order no HF/O/MA/ 1394 /Z-46/11 on 1 June asking all the CMOHs to withdraw all detailment. It was alleged that Dr Roy flouted the order of the joint secretary of the health department in vested interests.

A section of doctors and medical staffs protested against the allegedly ‘unlawful’ order of the CMOH and the matter was drawn to the notice of the state women and children development and social welfare minister Mrs Sabitri Mitra. Mrs Mitra has been extensively inspecting the hospitals and health centres for past few days. To her utter dismay the minister observed that the common people are being deprived of the minimum health services and facilities while the district health officials are turning deaf ears to the grievances of the patients. This may be noted that several allegations were raised against Dr Roy, he continued functioning as the CMOH uninterruptedly. He was transferred from Malda before election but surprisingly enough he is still continuing as the CMOH in Malda.

Mrs Mitra asked the CMOH to cancel the ‘illegal’ order forthwith and to comply with the directions of the health department without any ‘bargaining’. Mrs Mita said: “The CMOH has been neglecting his duties as a health administrator and running the district health administrations at his own whims. We have received heaps of complaint against this health official who has been deliberately trying to malign the state government by flouting norms.” “I have asked him to cancel the order and to concentrate on developing the health services instead of indulging in lobbying,” the minister said.

The reaction of the CMOH could not be availed as his phone continuously sounded ‘out of reach’ when contacted.

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