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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mausam Slams Trinamul and Police Together

MALDA, 22 NOV: Just a day after her note of reconciliation in Kolkata, the state Youth Congress (YC) president Mrs Mausam Noor resumed her attack on the Trinamul Congress. Today she garnered attack on the Trinamul as well as police for the partisan role in harassing the Congress supporters. Mrs Noor today met the superintendent of police to vent her anger over the role of police. Later while talking to media, North Malda MP said, “Trinamul supporters are out to grab the lands of poor farmers at Habibpur, Gajole and other areas and their leaders are misusing the power of being in the govt.” She alleged that CPI-M goons are now getting the shelter under the hood of the Trinamul to unleash attack on Congress supporters.” 

It may be recalled that the Trinamul-Congress relation got its bitter turn in the district over the clash at Mahinagar, Gajole where a Trinamul worker was killed and number of them seriously injured. The Union shipping minister of state and All India general secretary of the Trinamul Mr Mukul Roy visited the district to meet the victims and accused the Congress for such attack. Mr Roy said, “With the growing power of our party in the district the scared Congress attack our supporters.” He vowed that in the rural poll next year, rinamul whom are Congress supporters.

After that incident, it was Mrs Noor’S first visit to Malda. She said, “The incident of Mahinagar was nothing political. Interestingly, the person, Trinamulclaimed as their supporters were known CPI-M activist of the locality.” She further alleged, “If the criminals were arrested we had nothing to say. But in the name of probe, police are arresting our supporters and common innocent villagers.” The state YC president cited a 70 year old man, or the Class IV student who was not spared from police action. “We have specific complaint against police arresting those who were nowhere near the incident. I’ve spoken to Police Super in this regard and warned that Congress would not sit idle to watch its supporters harassed.” 

In a fresh allegation against Trinamul, Mrs Noor said, “Since the last assembly election huge lands of poor farmers were forcibly grabbed by Trinamul supporters. The legal owners were roughed up and their lands were taken by the Trinamul goons. We have already informed this to our party’s High Command and faxed a message to the chief minister as well. But, no wonder, the CM did not bother to reply.”

On the claim of the Trinamul leaders like Mr Mukul Roy or Mrs Sabitri Mitra that the Trinamul would be the strongest force in the district, Noor said, “The way Trinamul is becoming the haven of CPI-M goons, we have doubt whether this party at all has any future in the district.”

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