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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pathetic Death of Penny Less Couple Stupefies Mahadipur

MALDA, 16 NOV: Deplorable poverty provoked the husband to kill his wife and self. The gruesome incident occurred this morning at Umarpur Ghoshpara village of Mahadipur gram panchayet under English Bazaar Police Station. Sensation gripped the area with this double killing and police later recovered the bodies.

Jahar Ghosh (45) used to work at the parking area of the export zone of Mahadipur. But about one and half years back he lost his job. Since then with wife Aloka (44) and five children Jahar fell into abject poverty. He had plunged into despair and turned a little eccentric, as reported by the neighbours. The irregular work as a labourer along with his two cattle was not enough to sustain the family. The couple was often found indulging in altercation over money. Worse, Jahar had to be treated for his mental problem at Behrampore, Murshidabad. Of late the wedding of Jahar’s eldest daughter Babita was fixed in Malda. But this too added to their woes as the sum required was much beyond their affordability.

Today around 10.30am Jahar was seen looking for his wife who had by then gone to nearby river bank of Bhagirathi. The other people present at the bank with their household chores, found Jahar with a dagger in his hand began to chop Aloka. His several chopping saw Aloka fell bleeding and dead on spot. Panicked other people, mostly women, scampered away and informed the villagers.

Jahar, on the other hand, returned home unabashed to inform others that he had killed his wife. Taken aback, Aloka’s mother and Aloka’s children found Jahar closed his door on their face. After a few minutes, he was seen hanging himself from the ceiling. Brought down with the help of neighbours, Jahar too was found dead.

Mr Ram Ghosh, one of the villagers, said, “When we hard that Jahar had killed his wife we rushed in but only to find that he too hanged himself. It is evident that horrible poverty which took on his mental health led him to do so.” The Malda SP Mr Jayanta Pal said, “We have got the news and sent force to recover the bodies. Probe is on.”

Babita, the daughter of Jahar who had her wedding fixed in the coming month, was too shocked to react. Condition of son Rintu, a Class IX student of local Mahadipur High School was no better with an uncertain future looming large.  

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