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Friday, November 18, 2011

Show of Muscles of Trinamul Factions over Corpse of Party Worker

MALDA, 17 NOV: The prime area of Rathbari more of English Bazaar witness, much to its amazement, a bare fight of muscles over the body of the Trinamul worker between two factions of the TMC led by the dist youth TMC president Amlan Bhaduri and the working president Ananta Chakraborty. Eventually Chakraborty’s faction managed to snatch away the body only to garland the corpse at one of the district TMC offices at Kani More in Malda town.

This may be recalled that one Premchand Baul, a TMC activist, was killed in a clash with the Congress workers last night at Korkoch area under Gazole police station. The battle between the ruling allies originated from the dispute of ownership of an agrarian plot. The TMC leadership wasted no time to make the best profit of their party supporter’s death only to attack the Congress more fiercely after the latter’s continuous verbal attack led by Mausam Noor.

The drama over the dead body began this morning at Malda district hospital where the supporters of Bhaduri gathered prior to the arrival of Chakraborty faction. Bhaduri group collect the body of the deceased supporter’s body and planned to rush to Gazole to hold a rally to prove themselves as the original TMC.

But there was a huge gap between the lip and the cup for the Bhaduri group. On their way to Gazole, Chakraborty’s supporters hindered their journey and claimed the body which was forthwith turned down bhaduri’s people. Interestingly, both Bhaduri and Chakraborty themselves got entangled in an altercation and eventually exercise of muscles. The tension that has been long germinated between two groups found expression in today’s event. Notably, Chakraborty has been in Trinamul for past five years while Bhaduri took the opportunity of joining TMC only last year and replaced Chakraborty.

If in the first scene of the drama Bhaduri was the protagonist, Chakraborty had the last laugh in the subsequent scene. The body was garlanded in front of the TMC office run by Dulal Sarkar faction and which is scrupulously avoided by Sabitri Mitra group. However, like all the comedies, today’s one also had a happy ending. Later, Bhaduri and his followers started for Gazole with the body in
the afternoon and organized a rally there.

Commenting on today’s even Chakraborty said, “We did not indulge in a brawl. We only tried to establish that TMC men like us, who have been in the party for over years, have the right to pay honour to the body of the martyr who was brutally killed by the Mausam Noor’s goons.” Bhaduri on the other hand said, “It was an unwanted incident. Chakraborty should have approached us in a decent way instead of creating a drama.”

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