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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Worried DM Summons MMC Principal and Hospital Super: Measures Proposed to Curb Crib Death

MALDA, 16 NOV: When the baby death in Malda district hospital continues unabated, the district administration put the finger to the infrastructure. Three more babies died today taking the number to 29 in last eight days. The district magistrate today vowed to refurnish the hospital with new doctors and equipments.
(anti-clock wise) DM Dr Archana with MMC Principal Dr Debasis Bhattacharya and Hospital Super Dr H Ari

Flanked by principal of Malda Medical College (MMC), the DM Dr Archana claimed that 26 babies died in the hospital since 9th of this month which is much higher than normal. However, the hospital authority does not include the death of children aged five years or more in this list of crib death. The DM said, “To curb the death of babies, it was decided that the teachers of the Medical College would also treat in the hospital. In this way the number of gynecologists was increased to 9 from 5 while that of pediatrician shot to 6 from 2.” It is also decided that instead of one pediatrician, three would be in the hospital all the time.

The DM also said that the Sick Newborn Care Unit (SNCU) would be improved also. New warmers are being set up in the hospital to save the babies from hypothermia amid cold. Even two phototherapy units would also be set up.

Besides, to restrict the outsiders from entering hospital and the children ward, which spread a lot of infections, security is being beefed up. “We have already decided to employ 30 Ex-military men to be employed in the hospital to strengthen vigilance over the unwanted relatives of the patients,” the DM said.

The principal of MMC Dr Debasis Bhattacharya observed that most of the babies, who died in the hospital, had come ‘referred’ from the block hospital. “To fight this we are going to open Stabilization Unit at the block hospitals. The first one would be at Manikchak with the view of large numbers of sick new born coming from there”, Dr Bhattacharya said.

Meanwhile, three more babies died in the hospital today. Among them Mrs Chandana Mandal of Kaliachak had delivered a baby of low weight who succumbed soon after birth. Mrs Lipika Mandal of Kaliachak also saw her baby died soon after birth. The doctors found that the baby was congenital one. Besides, the new born baby of Mrs Mithu Balo of English Bazaar also succumbed to its ailment today.   

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