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Thursday, April 12, 2012

RSP Dissidents May Form ‘Mancha’ During State Conference

MALDA, 11 APRIL: The dissidents of the Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP) are likely to use the party’s state conference that commenced in south Dinajpur today as an opportunity to unite the other dissidents across the state to form a forum within the party challenging the existing leadership. However, the dissidents have claimed that they would prefer challenging the leadership remaining within the party to leave the party and form a new one.

Breach in the RSP’s primary teachers’ organization ‘Sara Bangla Prathamik Sikshak Samity’ has already taken place in Malda. The dissidents have manufactured a forum under the banner ‘Malda Sammilito Prathamik Sikshak Mancha’ and started movements. Sources have claimed that such a breach is a mere sample which would soon take a formidable shape.

A dissident peasants’ wing leader of the party said: “We’re contemplating of organizing a forum under the banner ‘Marxist Leninist Mancha.’ However, we’ve no plan to break the party but we want to work as a reformative group within the party.” “We’d raise our objections during the state conference and if the leadership cannot manage this delicate issue, the new forum would emerge,” he said.

It has been learnt dissidents of the party in other districts of the state have also hailed and encouraged the formation of forum by their Malda counterparts. “The new ‘mancha’ of the primary teachers in Malda has been formed to alert the leadership. Soon such forums would also be formed in other organizations of the party,” the dissident leader said.

This may be mentioned that the strong discontent in district RSP first came to fore during the last district RSP conference when Goutam Gupta was re-elected as the district secretary again. Mr Gupta was first elected RSP district secretary in 1977. Sarbananda Pande, a senior leader of the party’s farmers’ organization was visibly fumed after Mr Gupta was made secretary again.

Mr Pande left the district conference even before it was concluded and was conspicuously absent in the post conference press meet convened by Mr Gupta led faction. Mr Pande’s faction obliquely said: “It was necessary to promote fresh faces after the electoral debacle but keeping the old face in the leadership sent a wrong message to the grass-root comrades.” Altogether the state RSP leadership may have to face the heated blow from the dissidents in the ongoing state conference.

Veteran RSP leader Kshiti Goswami was not available for any comment in this regard. Whenever contacted, his mobile went on ringing but he didn’t receive the phone.

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