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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Villagers Burn down Office of Panchayet Upa-pradhan on Charge of Molestation

MALDA, 10 APRIL: Panchayet upa-pradhan (deputy chief) molested a house wife. On this allegation angry villagers roughed him up and set ablaze his office. The severely injured upa-pradhan lying on hospital bed, however, denied the allegation and counter blamed villagers. Police have begun enquiry.

Housewife of village Najarpur, Shipra Sarkar alleged that for some days she was being teased by upa-pradhan of Muchia Gram Panchayet Dulal Chaki and his associates. Regular obscene comments were being made from Mr Chaki’s personal office beside Muchia Bus Stand whenever she was around. This morning when she went to a shop near the bus stand, Mr Chaki’s associates forcefully picked her up and took to the office. There they tried molest her and even removed her saree. At this she raised a cry which brought the locals to the office to rescue her. By that time her gold chain was snatched by the miscreants.  

With the news being spread up, angry villagers attacked Mr Chaki’s office. Mr Chaki was severely beaten; his office was ransacked and was set on fire. Even his motorcycle too was set ablaze. Police from Malda Police Station came to control the situation. Fire brigade was also brought in. Fire was controlled only after one hour.

On this issue Uttam Choudhury, pradhan of Muchia gram panchayet which is controlled by Socialist Party, said, “Mr Chaki was elected as a Socialist Party candidate. But he was later suspended owing to anti-party activities. He was also sent to prison in charge of criminal activities. He was no more upa-pradhan.”  

However, Mr Chaki said, “Susanta Sarkar, Jogen Mandal, Shyamal Sarkar and others were filling a pond illegally. I lodged a complaint against them to police but police did not take any action. Then I filed a case in the court which led go their arrest. Today after being released on bail they came to village and connived with a group of villagers to attack my office.” It is learnt that a revolver was recovered from Mr Chaki’s office.
Superintendent of police  Jayanta Pal said, “We have started three cases against Mr Chaki on the basis of woman’s allegation.” They were of attempt to rape, snatching gold chain and keeping arms.

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