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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Allegations Raised against DM of Humiliating NVF Worker

MALDA, 10 MAY: Allegation of confining an NVF worker for hours and abusing her against the Ddistrict magistrate (DM) created huge sensation at Malda. 

It has been learnt that 42 years old Parbati Halder, an NVF worker who got the job recently after the demise of her husband Nityagopal Halder, was posted in the bungalow of DM of Malda Dr (Smt) Archana for last few days. There she was used to do the household chores and serve DM’s personal orders. In her complaint Parbati said, “I along with other worker posted in DM’s bungalow were subjected to abuse on almost every trivial issue. Yesterday it went to the extreme.”

Yesterday around 2 pm Halder was asked by DM to adjust the AC of her bedroom. But Parbati failed to do so as she could not handle AC. This infuriated DM and she dragged Parbati in the bathroom and locked her in. She raised the cry and only after few hours she was released by the DM. Coming out of the bungalow Parbati went to NVF office. Her mental condition being worst she was advised to see the doctor. Late night she was taken to Malda Medical College and Hospital with breathing trouble and she was admitted.     

Parbati Haldar, NVF worker in Malda Medical College

Mother of three children among whom the son is an engineering student, Parbati said, “I joined the service only in April this year. In my stint at DM’s bungalow I was treated merely as domestic help. I was asked to massage her legs or do other menial works much below my dignity. If there was any lapse on my part I was severely abused, even vulgarly addressed.” Besides she had to cleanse shoes, wash toilet et al. Out of 372 NVF workers in the district 10 are women. Four of them are engaged in DM bungalow. Parbati claimed that all of them are subjected to similar torture. She expressed her wish not to serve at bungalow any more.  

 The complaint initially made to Major of NVF Juran Chandra Roy was sent to superintendent of police (SP). However, SP Jayanta Pal said, “I cannot take action on this complaint. Instead I’ll send it to the appropriate authority to look into it.”   
DM Dr Smt Archana

On behalf of NVF association Ruidas Biswas said, “Major accident might have happened. We got the similar complaints earlier also against the DM. we demand the proper enquiry and not to force us for domestic works.” DM Archana, could not be contacted despite several attempt. Even she refused to see the media persons when they went to meet her at her bungalow.

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