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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Class V Student Commits Suicide after Her Mother Orders to Attend School

MALDA, 19 APRIL: A 12 year old girl committed suicide today after being rebuked by her mother. Stunned parents are beyond reaction with their girl taking such fatal step. The neighbours too are too shocked to react.

It is learnt that van puller Debnarayan Roy of Aurobinda Colony under English Bazaar police station had three children. The eldest one Sangita (12) was a student of Class V of local Anukul Chandra School for Girls.

Today Sangita did not want to go to school which led some rebuke from her mother Kalpana who works as a domestic help in neighbours’ houses. Kalpana asked Sangita to go to school and herself left the house for work around 9 am. Debnarayan had left the house earlier.

But soon after her mother’s leaving the house, Sangita entered into the room and poured kerosene on her body. Her two brothers of 9 years and 6 years found it out and raised the cry which brought the neighbours. Meanwhile, Sangita had already set fire on her body. Her mother too rushed in and Sangita was taken to Malda District Hospital. Doctors found her body burnt for more than 80%. Despite the treatment she could not be saved and around 3.00 pm Sangita finally succumbed to her burn.

Weeping Debnarayan informed that his daughter was sentimental. A few days back she stole Rs 100 from her father’s pocket and in the fear of being rebuked fled to grandmother’s house. “Believe me, we never scold or beat her. She used to tell us about suicide, so we were alert. Even at the time of stealing money too we did not rebuke her”, said Debnarayan. Mother was too shocked to react, but the neighbours claimed that even today Sangita was not rebuked much. “What her mother did was not to accept her wish to skip school, but never was she scolded or roughed up. We can’t realize what led her taking such steps”, said Sumita Das, a neighbour.

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