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Sunday, May 20, 2012

CPI-M Leader Shot Dead by Robbers: Huge Tension in Gazole

MALDA, 17 MAY: An influential CPI-M leader cum rich businessman was brutally killed last night after a robbery took at his residence. The incident took place at Gazole, about 25 km from here. Miscreants looted Rs 2 lakh as well as gold jewelry worth Rs 3 lakh before shooting him to death. Police have begun enquiry.  

It is learnt that Khirod Choudhury (48), two times CPI-M gram panchayet member was asleep at his residence at Kadubari, Gazole around 1 am when a group of 15-20 armed miscreants attacked his house. His wife Suchitra and younger daughter Tandra were at his house along with Choudhury. Besides, his brother in law Nitai Biswas and his son Sayan too were at the house. A few days back Choudhury’s elder daughter was married and the cash and jewelry of marriage were still at his house.

Tandra informed that the miscreants first snatched the key from Tandra and tied her and her mother. Nitai and his son too were locked in a room. Choudhury was held at a gun point when the miscreants started their operation of looting the money. “They took out Rs 2 lakh cash and gold ornament worth Rs 3 lakh from our almirah apart from valuable utensils”, said Tandra.  They did not understand when a shot was heard. But later it was found that the miscreants while going out after an hour long operation shot Choudhury from close range to death.

With the news being spread, a sensation was created in the locality. However, the murder had little connection with politics as felt. He was rich businessman of Gazole who dealt in land and liquor. Traders blocked the road in the morning with the demand of arrest of the culprits. 

Later police reached the spot and began enquiry. Sniffer dog was taken to house which was led to the nearby railway track. Police felt that someone close to the family was involved in this robbery who knew of the huge cash kept in the house and the keys were with the younger daughter. Perhaps Choudhury could identify the miscreants; hence he was killed after robbery. It is learnt that artists would be employed to draw the faces of the miscreants.  Superintendent of police Jayanta Pal said, “We hope to catch the miscreants soon.”    

CPI-M has expressed strong reaction at the killing of Choudhury. “Murderers and dacoits are freely plundering across the state as they believe the Trinamul Congress government is of their own. Choudhury played an influential role in gathering the mass against the Trinamul land-mafias. We’ve given police 72 hours. If they fail to arrest the killers, we would speak in the language of mass movement,” said CPI-M district secretariat member Debajyoti Sinha who rushed to Gazole this morning.

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