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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dress Code Controversy Rocks Girls' School

MALDA, 6 MAY: Dress code controversy in a girls’ school landed finally in police station as both the school authorities as well as a lady teacher of Aiho Girls' High School under Habibpur police station filed complaint against each other at the police station. This resulted in mounting up of tension in the school as the teachers as well as the guardians are holding different opinions on this issue. All this took place at Aiho Girls’ High School under Habibpur police station. 

It has been learnt that Mathematics teacher Tandra Burman who joined this school back in 2002, used to wear salwar -kamiz from the beginning. Some other teachers also followed her in outfit. However, school Managing Committee had asked all the teachers to wear saree citing the local sentiment. Although the other teachers discarded salwar, Ms Burman kept  wearing the same attire. 

On 3 May, in the meeting of Managing Committee (MC), Ms Burman was called and was asked to come to school wearing saree. She argued that she had to travel daily by bus where salwar was more convenient. Moreover she said being a left hander it would be uncomfortable on her part to wear sharee and do the board-work. But the committee was reportedly defiant and insisted her wearing saree.  This led an altercation between the committee members and her. 

On 4 May MC president Khagen Bhoumik, along with other members lodged a complaint against Burman to Habibpur police station. Although secretary Sushil Saha and Mr Bhoumik were not available for comment, Headmistress Shipra Basak Bhoumik said, “Ms Burman misbehaved with us in the meeting and even abused me. Thus we lodged a complaint against her.” 

Shocked Ms Burman found that the Headmistress was too hostile to her next day. “I was even threatened by the Headmistress with dire consequence if I don’t change my stand. I was scared with the news of police complaint against me. Thus I too lodged a complaint to police fearing my security.” Police did not take any action yet and reportedly asked the school authority to inform district inspector of school - secondary education (DIS-SE) regarding the matter. 

DIS-SE Prthasarathi Jha said, “I haven’t received any complaint either from school or from the teacher. But the school must know that there is no dress code for the teachers as per the government's decision. School can’t compel any teacher to wear a particular dress.” 

Meanwhile, large section of students of the school stood by Ms Burman saying there was nothing wrong in her dress and the teacher was well accepted by them long back.

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