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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Father’s Drunkenness Provoked School Student to Commit Suicide

MALDA, 18 APRIL: A 14 year old student committed suicide protesting against his father’s excessive addiction to drinking. The stunning incident took place at Gayeshpur area under English Bazaar police station last night. Police recovered the body today and sent for post mortem.

It has been learnt that Amal De was a mechanic of car working in a garage. He and his wife Dipali had two sons. The elder Arup (14) was a student of Class VIII while the younger Amit was of Class VI. Both of them were studying in local Railway High School. Amal had a habit of drinking every night. Most of his meager income went to alcohol. Worse, drunk Amal used to rough up his wife on every minor excuse. This was a regular scenario of De house. However, Arup could not stand it for long. Instead, he used to protest which brought his father’s ire to himself also.     

Arup also insisted his mother to protest but of no avail. She rather advised him to keep mum on this issue. Even at the time of quarrel between father and son Dipali used to take her husband’s side.

Last night the brawl went to the extreme when Arup was roughed up by his drunken father. He sneaked into his room without giving any hint to anyone. This morning he was found hanging himself to death with a bedcover from the ceiling. His body created sensation in the locality. Local people claimed that a suicide note was found from his room requesting his father to give up drinks and advising his brother to continue studies. The note reportedly forbade his mother to touch his body.

Dipali broke into tears while Amal refused all the allegations. Neighbours, however, justified Arup’s anger and held his father responsible for his death. Police have registered an unnatural death case and none was arrested yet.

Huge reaction from locality spread even among the teachers of Arup. Utpal Chatterjee, a teacher of Railway High School claimed that Arup was an introvert boy and said the cause of death must be found out whether any action from parents was responsible for such an unfortunate death.     

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