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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Four Meritorious Students Went Missing

Malda, May 28: Four school students went missing since yesterday at Gazole. All of them were studying in Class IX of Hatimari High School and were brilliant students. It is feared that they were kidnapped although no demand of money has reached yet at homes.

Koustav Ghosh, son of Gazole Gram Panchayet Prodhan and local Trinamul Congress leader Ananta Ghosh did not return home after he went to tuition at Gazole yesterday morning. His friends Mrinmoy Ghosh, Rupam Mandal and Ashok Sarkar too went to the same tuition. But never did they return home.  Apart from Ashok, all hailed from much affluent families. The search began only after evening.

It is learnt that the four were seen at Alampur, returning from tuition at Gazole around 12.15 pm. They were together. After that one took an auto-rickshaw and others were seen walking. But since then no trace was found.   

Koustav’s uncle and block Trinamul president Jayanta Ghosh said that as per the eye witnesses’ version those students got down at Alampur stand. After taking some snacks all except Mrinmoy started for home on foot. Mrinmoy boarded an auto-rickshaw. Ghosh informed that as per the locals’ statement Koustav, Rupam and Ashok got into a white car and Mrinmoy too joined them later. The white car was seen coming back after 15 minutes. Ghosh believed that the car could be clue to unveil the missing mystery. 

A missing diary was lodged to police last evening. Police are yet to make any breakthrough. Meanwhile, sensation was created with the missing boys as all were much popular and had no immediate cause to leave home. It is feared that some miscreants might have kidnapped them although no phone call demanding ransom was received yet by the inmates.   

Superintendent of Police Jayanta Pal said, “Missing of four students together may not be a case case of kidnapping as guessed in primary enquiry. Police have been looking into the matter keeping all possibilities open.”

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