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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lover Accused of Spreading Vulgar MMS of Fiance

MALDA, 23 APRIL: Allegations of blackmailing a girl by spreading obscene MMS of her intimate encounters with lover were raised against her lover. As no action has yet been taken against the boy, the helpless girl knocked the door of the superintendent of police today. The victim girl, an inhabitant of Noorpur village under Manikchak police station said that her life had turned miserable and she cannot tolerate humiliations by the boy any longer.

It has been learnt that 17 year old Nurjahan Khatun (original name) who took Madhyamik examinations this year from Nurpur High School had an affair with local youth Mohammed Esraful. Esraful, son of local rich trader Ershad Ali did not get approval of this affair from his parents. However, poor Abu Taleb, father of the girl thought of marriage of his daughter with Esraful. Accordingly he did not object in their meeting in private. Esraful took the opportunity to sleep with the girl frequently with the promise of marriage. Worse, he took their intimate moments recorded in his mobile beyond the knowledge of the girl.

Two months back, suddenly Esraful, stopped meeting the girl. If that was a shock for the girl the greater shock was in store. To her horror the girl found that her naked photographs were on air. People were talking about her. It was found that MMS involving her was on the many mobiles and even in computers. Being shattered the girl found no way to come out of house. To add to her woes, Esraful threatened her to sleep again with him or he would spread the photos further.

On 21st April they lodged a complaint to Manikchak police station. But police are yet to take any action as Esraful was moving freely in the village without being arrested. Today along with her father and lawyer Kanchan De, the girl came to Police Super. Breaking down in tears, Nurjahan said, “I can’t show my face to anyone while he is threatening me with more humiliation.” 

The SP, Malda Jayanta Pal said, “I have received the complaint and asked the Manikchak police to take action promptly.”