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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cong Supporter Killed in Ratua

Malda, 25 May: Excitement gripped norottampur diara village of Kahala gram panchayet under Ratua police station after a Congress worker was shot at and hacked to death allegedly by the members of the same village around 9.45 pm last night. Though the block Congress leaders blamed CPI-M for the killing, police said that the murder was the consequence of a prolonged land dispute.

It has been learnt from sources that Rijen Ghosh alias Bhutu (35) had a rift with the family of Dinesh Ghosh and Ramesh Ghosh over a land measuring 1.5 bigha only for over years. The scuffle resulted in violence before also and Kumed Ghosh, a relative of Dinesh and Ramesh, was killed three years back in this connection. Deceased Rijen Ghosh was a principal accused in that murder case which is still under trial. Rijen was also attacked twice, his family members claimed, by Dinesh and Ramesh to avenge the killing of Kumed Ghosh. On both instances Rijen narrowly escaped.

Rijen and his brothers took a river ghat on lease for one year from the local panchayet and they used to earn from it. Last night when Rijen along with his brother Dijen Ghosh and cousin Bechan Ghosh were settling the accounts sitting at a hut adjacent to the ghat, he was allegedly attacked by Ramesh, Dinesh and others. Bechan Ghosh said that when he and Dijen went to buy betel leaf, they heard yell of Rijen. “We rushed to the spot to discover that Rijen was lying dead in the pull of blood. It seemed Dinesh, Ramesh and other goons shot him from a close distance after chopping him mercilessly,” said Bechan.

The scream of Dijen and Bechan brought the villagers to the spot. Police were informed who sent the body of Rijen for post mortem. 

The incident caused severe tension in the locality. Block Congress leader Soumitra Roy blamed CPI-M for the murder. “Rijen was an active Congress worker and CPI-M goons killed him deliberately. If the goons are not arrested immediately, we would resort to movement,” said Soumitra Roy, former Zilla Parishad Congress member.

                                               (file photo)

CPI-M district committee member from Ratua Sushanta Singha, however, rubbished the allegation of Congress. “The accused have no connection with the CPI-M anymore. Rather they are now under the umbrella of another political party. The murder was the outcome of a tiff over land and Congress is cunningly politicizing the issue,” Singha said.

Superintendent of police Jayanta Pal said, “Rijen himself was accused in a murder case. He had a tiff with Ramesh, Dinesh and their brothers for long. A complaint was lodged by the deceased’s family and a probe has been initiated.”

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