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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Malda Occupies Seven among First Ten Positions in High Madrasah Examinations 2012

MALDA, 21 MAY: Malda took the laurel in Madrasha Examination as two students of the district shared the first position in the state. Both of them got 732. 

Sandhya (of Hindi serial Diya aur Baati) draws the girl every night. Even amid the tight schedule of study she never missed any single episode. When Sandhya became topper in Rajasthan in her board examination, the girl too began to dream. But when the result of Madrasha Examination came out today, it has certainly gone beyond all the expectation and Monika has topped the list in the state. “It is true that Sandhya is my favourite character but I never dreamt of being in the top”, blushed Monika Begum of the Jatradanga K B High Madrasha who secured 732, highest in the state.  

Monika Begam

Only daughter of retired teacher Md Abdul Quayum, Monika never stood second in the school exams. “We all knew that she would do well, but top in the state? Never thought of it”, mother Sonali Khatun could not hold her tears of joy. By that time hundreds poured into the house of Quayum to peep into their own girl. With 93 in Mathematics, 97 ion Physical Science and 98 in Life Science anybody could think of taking science as her future course. But Monika surprised all with divulging her ambition, “I’ll study humanities.” As for ambition she said, “I like to be a teacher of English”, in which she got 86. More surprise was in store when she said, “I like to continue my study in higher secondary in my own school of village, never want to go anywhere else. Where shall I get such support from the teachers?”

The story of Ahmedulla Sk of Sujapur Nayamouza High Madrasha was not altogether not the same apart from the marks. Sharing the honour of joint topper with Monika, the Ahmedullah cherished his dream of being a doctor. To implement his dream he never wasted time after Madrasha examination. 

Md Ahmadullah Sk

One of six children of grocery shop owner Fakruddin Sk of Sujapur, Ahmedullah has already joined Al Ameen Mission. The political unrest and poor law and order situation of Sujapur might stand in his way of study; thus leaving the place, as believed by his teachers.   

Md Sahidullah of Sukrabari AK High Madrasah in Chanchal II ranked third in the state. However, he and his teachers were quite dissatisfied with his marks 722. Yeasin Alam, Sahidullah’s father, an MSK teacher said, “We’d go for reviewing his papers. He scored much better in test examinations.” Headmaster Irfan Ali also said that Sahidullah had not got the desired marks. 
Md Sahidullah

Md Helal 
Md Helal of Thahaghati High Madrasah and son of Md Bamijuddin, a daily labourer stood fourth in the entire state obtaining 719. “I just don’t know my fate despite my performance. But the Headmaster Md Mosleuddin and other teachers have assured me that they would arrange my higher studies at any cost,” Helal said with tears of happiness. 

In addition Md Samad of Bottala Adarsha High Madrasah (715) stood 7th in the state while Lal Mohammed of Mitna Solemania High Madrasah and Firoza Khatun of Dariapur Baishi High Madrasah jointly occupied 9th position by securing 712.

Asif Iqbal, office superintendent of north Bengal regional office of West Bengal Board of Madrasah Education informed that 36583 candidates took High Madrasah examinations this year as regular candidates. “28642 regular examinees passed and the percentage of success is 77.80%,” Mr Iqbal said. Result of Alim and Fazil examinations were published today also.

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