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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mausam Noor Retaliates Sabitri’s Attack on Congress

MALDA, 16 APRIL: Soon after the social welfare minister and district Congress president Sabitri Mitra attacked the Congress as the ‘cousin brother’ of the CPI-M, state Youth Congress president and North Malda MP Mausam Noor retaliated strongly today. Mrs Noor informed that Congress would be holding meeting in all 15 blocks of the district to show its grass root strength to its ally as well as opponents.

Keeping an eye on the ensuing panchayet election Trinanamul has already started holding meetings in different blocks to stimulate the party worlers. Yesterday Mrs Mitra held a large meeting in Gazole which falls under the parliamentary constituency of Mrs Noor. Gazole used to be regarded as a strong CPI-M bastion till last parliamentary election. But Mrs Noor managed to get huge votes in the last parliamentary election here. Even in the last assembly election Congress candidate Sushil Roy defeated CPI-M after few decades.

Mrs Mitra yesterday said: “Congress has no other concern than only retaining two parliamentary constituencies in the district. Now, they are attacking the Trinamul Congress only to encourage the CPI-M. They are now like cousin brothers. If we go for seat adjustment with them, they would take advantage and would weaken our party.” She added: “We are sure to perform brilliantly in the panchayet election in Malda. We would prove before our party supremo that we are now the strongest political force in the district.”

Political observers explained that the Trinamul has targeted Gazole and Kaliachak – the bastion of Congress MPs AH Khan Choudhury (Dalu) and Mrs Noor respectively to strengthen its base in those areas.

Mrs Noor, however, reacted strongly today. “People have understood policies of the Trinamul from the recent affairs in the state. Wherever we are going people are reacting vehemently about the recent activities of the Trinamul. So, it’s clear what’s going to be their verdict in the panchayet election.”

“We are going to hold meetings in all blocks and important areas of the district to show that people of Malda still believe the Congress alone and if any young political party think that they are going to emerge as the largest political strength at least in Malda, I must say it’s nothing but their reverie,” Mrs Noor said. 

She added that she would individually recommend going alone in the panchayet election to the party High Command. “It’s better to fight alone as the people want Congress to run the panchayet bodies independently as panchayet raj was the brain child of the late Rajiv Gandhi,” She said.

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