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Sunday, May 20, 2012

'Meena Manch' to be Formed for Empowerment of Madrassah Girls

MALDA, 10 MAY: With an eye to strengthening the anti – child marriage movement and to empower the girl students of madrassahs, the UNICEF along with West Bengal Board of Madreassah Education (WBBME) and Sarva Siksha Mission (SSM) would form ‘Meena Manch’ in all high madrassahs of minority infested Malda and Murshidabad districts. The project was illustrated in programme today to the Head of the madrassahs in presence of the officials of the officials of WBBME, district administrations and Prayasam, the Unicef deputed agency.

It has been learnt that the ‘Meena Manch’ would comprise 15 to 20 students at least two third of whom would be essentially girls. Along with boy students some teenagers of the locality around the madrassah would also be included as the members of the ‘Meena Manch.’ One or two teachers, preferably women, would act as the patron – trainer of the forom.

‘Meena Manch’ would organize vox populi against child marriages in the localities. If any girl student is forced by the parents or family to get married at an early age, the members of the ‘Manch’ would together pursue the matter and try to prevent the marriage. “In addition the programme would ai at girls’ participation in larger social activities beside academic activities. They would be aided in interacting distinctly about their problems and wants to the administrations, police and panchayet,” said Piyali Mazumda of Prayasam.

Ms Mazumdar informed that today the pilot project was launched with the Heads of Madrassahs. “Now, there would be a three day residential programme jointly with the WBBME to train the teachers one from each madrassah about implementation of the project. We’ve chosen Malda and Murshidabad on priority basis as there are largest numbers of madrassahs in these two distrcts,” She added.

Deputy secretary of WBBME Azizar  Rahman said: “Madrassah authorities would implement the programme taking Islamic traditions and culture into consideration.” Mr Rahman informed that after the project is successfully implemented in high madrassahs, senior madrassahs would also be taken up for the project.

Asif Iqbal of WBBME northern region informed that the project would be initiated with 67 high madrassahs in Malda and 95 in Murshidabad.

Additional district magistrate (general) Nurul Islam, district inspector of schools Parthasarathi Jha and Tripti Guha also assured all sorts of assistance for successful implementation of the project.

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