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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More than Rs 52 lakh Looted from Rural Bank

Malda, 29 May: Excitement gripped Chanchal this morning after more than Rs 52 lakh was looted from a rural bank last night. Senior police officials anticipate that a gang of robbers, who have also been involved in looting other rural banks, were also involved in last night’s robbery. Bank authorities also conceded lapses on their part and said that security would be tightened to avoid such incidents.

It has been learnt that a sweeping staff first noticed this morning that the grill of the back window of Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank (BGVB), Chanchal branch located at Taraltala area under Chanchal police station was broken. As it aroused his suspicion, he immediately informed the bank employees. The bank manager and other employees, when entered the bank, found that the vault was broken and it was lying empty. It has been learnt from sources that there was more than Rs 52 lakh in the vault of the bank which was broken by the miscreants using a gas-cutter.

Bank manager immediately informed police and intimated the regional office of the BGVB in Malda. Inspector in charge of Chanchal police station Jyotish Roy and other police officers rushed to the spot. Additional superintendent of police Shyam Singh and the regional manager of BGVB Ashok Chakraborty too rushed to Chanchal to take stock of the situation. 

Locals alleged that though the bank is located at a prime place of Chanchal only 500 metre away from Chanchal police station and close to Life Insurance Corporation of India (LICI) branch office, lapses in security of the bank was quite noticeable. “The building in which the bank is lodged lacks infrastructure. The back window is sometimes seen to be open even after the bank is closed. In addition, there are no security personnel or emergency alarm,” said Kazi Atiur Rahaman.

Chakraborty, the regional manager of BGVB, also conceded some lapses. “It’s true there is no night guard or emergency alarm in the bank. A close circuit television (CCTV) is also instrumental for preventing robbery but there wasn’t any.” “We would indeed inform the higher authorities recommending installation of such measures soon,” he informed denying that the back window used to remain open. Chakraborty also conceded that more than Rs 52 lakh was looted from the bank.

Superintendent of police Jayanta Pal said, “We guess that robbery was done by the same gang that was involved in robbery of other rural banks too. We’re trying to nab the entire gang soon. Intelligence wing would also be consulted to arrest the gang.”

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