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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Municipal Areas Reeling Under Drinking Water Crisis

MALDA, 17 MAY: Along with different blocks two municipal areas are also reeling under acute water crisis in searing summer. Today district administrations held an important meeting with the chairmen of two municipalities to find solution of the drinking water crisis.

It has been learnt from municipal sources that there is a requirement of 52.40 lakh gallon water every day in English Bazaar municipal areas. But presently only 49.57 lakh gallon water could be availed. “Water level prevails 35-40 feet below the ground normally. But now it has gone down to 45-50 feet below the surface,” said a municipal officer informing that it is expected that in monsoon the water level would be available at 20-25 feet below the ground.

Chairman of English Bazaar Municipality (EBM) Krishnendu Choudhury said, “Drinking water crisis has severely hit different areas of municipal wards no. 3, 13, 24 and 25.” Mr Choudhury informed that out of 54 hand pumps in EBM areas seven are out of order now. 100 out of 700 hand tubewells are also defunct. “There are 27 tankers to provide drinking water in EBM areas but we want five more to supply drinking water in abundance. Rs 1 Crore would be necessary for repairing the defunct pumps, tube wells and purchasing tankers. I have requested the district administrations to arrange the fund for us,” Mr Choudhury added.

He also informed that project of lifting of surface water from Mahananda river to solve the drinking water crisis in Malda would commence within a month. “We are contemplating of making rainwater harvesting mandatory for all high-rise buildings to save water,” the EBM chairman informed.  

Chairman of Old Malda Municipality (OMM) Biswanath Sukul also conceded driking water crisis at parts of his municipal areas. “The situation is alarming particularly in slum areas existing in OMM ward no. 12,13,14,16 and some other wards. 32 Tube wells in those areas are defunct. We would repair those tube wells soon,” Mr Sukul informed.

Meanwhile, after yesterday’s 41.4 degree, today too mercury level reached 37 degree Celsius in Malda. TK Das of Metrological Department said, “Relative humidity has adequately improved to 85% from yesterday’s 21% providing a bit of relief to the people.”

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