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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sick Housewife Died: BSF Accused of Inhumanity

MALDA, 14 MAY: Yesterday the border saw the worst form of restriction when a housewife failed to be taken to doctor succumbed to her ailment. Sensation was created at border Dui Shata Bighi village with the death of one Ruli Biwi (19) who allegedly could not be taken to doctor owing to the closure of border gate.

It has been learnt that daughter of farmer Sadek Mia, Ruli of Dui Sahata Bighi was married to Razzak Sheikh of village Bhagjantola a year back. The two villages are on the either side of the fencing while Dui Shata Bighi was inside it. Both fall under the jurisdiction of Battalion No 134 of the Border Security Forces (BSF). However, presently they are being looked after by Battalionn 125.

Locals said that Ruli had come to her parent’s house a few days back. Here she fell ill and was suffering from fever. On Sunday night the temperature went high and she was to taken to hospital. The relatives were taking her to hospital around 10 pm but the border gate No 13 was closed. As per international rule the gates are not opened after the sunset except for some emergency purpose. Sadek alleged that repeated requests to the jawans could not open the gate. Finally at 12.10 am Ruli succumbed to her fever without treatment.

With the news spreading up in the morning huge reaction was seen among the villagers. The villagers of Dui Shata Bighi began to agitate before the body lying at the fencing. They demanded compensation anf the punishment of the jawans for such an inhuman attitude.  A written complaint was lodged to BSF on this issue by the villagers.

Former CPI-M MLA Biswanath Ghosh said, “Not only were the BSF but the district magistrate and the superintendent of police too were most indifferent after getting the news.   Police came only around 12 pm today and took away the body after assuring to take necessary steps.”

On this issue, Pranay Kumar, Second in Command of Battalion No 125, said, “The incident was most unfortunate. Our officer reached the spot immediately but before that the woman died. The allegations that we reached the spot late were not correct.”

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