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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Son Submits Living Father’s Death Certificate to Get LIC Claim

MALDA, 29 APRIL: Apparently one would find nothing wrong with this sexagenarian man with his healthy look and knowledge of the locality. In fact, Prashuram Prasad Saha of Nawabgunj under Malda Police Station can speak of the problems of the locality at length. Still active with his routine household issues, Prasuram might win over his age in his activities, but in papers he is dead. Worse, the death certificate issued by the municipality was submitted duly in Life Insurance Corporation of India (LICI) office to claim the money. None but the son of Mr Saha made the claim.

During the processing the event came to notice of LICI by chance and was brought to municipality’s attention. It has been learnt that a trader by profession, Mr Saha made a policy of Rs 1 lakh with LICI a few years back. The nominee of that policy was his wife Sushila Debi Saha. But with the death of his wife last year Saha changed the nominee to his younger son Basukinath Saha. This allegedly followed the conspiracy of Basuki to get a death certificate of his father. Of late a death certificate of Mr Saha issued by Old Malda Municipality was submitted to LICI, Malda-1 office by Basuki claiming the money insured by him.

The certificate issued on 5 March was signed by Samiran Roy, the executive officer of municipality. Interestingly Mr Roy had retired from his service on 31 January this year. Chairman of Old Malda Municipality (OMM) Biswanath Sukul said, “The certificate was fake, the signature was tampered. The date and registration number of the certificate belonged to another person.” Mr Sukul lodged an FIR on 27 April night on this issue. He conceded that a fake certificate racket was active in his office.
Death Certificate of Prashuram 
Prashuram at his residence amid relatives!

LICI too got shocked over the entire fiasco. “It is certainly a serious charge but we are handicapped over the issue as we have no option of verifying the death apart from trusting the certificate and gazetted officers who endorsed them. We have informed the entire matter to divisional office at Jalpaiguri”, said an LIC officer.

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