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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Train Passengers Drugged, Robbed

Malda, 28 May: Four passengers were robbed of everything after being drugged in the running train. The incident took place in the reserved compartment of New Delhi bound Brahmaputra Mail last night. The passengers are still being treated at Malda Railway Hospital and are yet to regain their senses. However, their identities were known from the reservation charts.

It is learnt that one Rajkumar Gupta and his wife Gita Gupta of Guwahati boarded the train yesterday. A cloth merchant Mr Gupta was going to Sultangunj of Bihar for offering puja. They had their berth at S-3 compartment. At Malda Railway Hospital Mrs Gupta informed, soon after the train had left Guwahati two youths came to this compartment. Apart from Gupta the duo made friends with others of the compartment. “They were chatting for long and I went to sleep at by berth”, said Gita. During their chat they took tea also.

Around 3.30 am when the train reached Malda Gita woke up and called her husband. But she failed to wake him up despite repeated call. This has awakened the other passengers and soon it was found that three other passengers along with Gupta did not have any sense. They were robbed off all their belongings including money, mobile phone and jewelry.  When the train reached Malda Town Station, station master was informed. Doctors from Railway Hospital were summoned but the sense did not return of the four. Finally they were taken to hospital.

Senseless passengers in Malda Medical College Hospital

Till this evening they did not get their senses back. Police informed that from the reservation chart of the S-3, the identity of the passengers was known. They were Rabindra Singh, Rafiqul Alam and AK Jha. While the first two were traders the third one was an army man.     

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