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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Trinamul is Accused of Abusing and Assaulting Woman in Malda

MALDA, 30 APRIL: A woman was allegedly abused and beaten in a kangaroo court after being accused of a tainted character. All this happened before the eyes of her helpless husband. The horrible incident that took place at English Bazaar town, within two kilometre of police station has got a political colour as local Trinamul Congress leaders were allegedly involved in this. After the initial hesitation police took a complaint of the victim woman.

Rakhi Choudhury along with her husband Naba Choudhury was the inhabitants of Malanchapally under Ward No 3 of English Bazaar Municipality. They had two children - one of five years and another of three years. Worker in a shop Naba along with his two brothers used to live in their ancestral house. His meager income was not enough for sustenance. Rakhi too had to work as private health assistant.  

They had an ancestral property of 35 cottah at Malanchapally in which Naba and his two brothers - Sumanta and Sujoy had share. It is learnt that of late a portion of that land, about 20 cottah  was sold off, but no money was given to Naba and his wife. Fumed Rakhi raised the question repeatedly to the brothers in law but of no avail. Rakhi even approached to the neighbours for the justice she was denied of.  Last night a kangaroo court was held at the locality with the presence of local Trinamul Congress and Congress leaders. But the court failed to resolve the crisis. Soon after, the local Trinamul goons taking the side of Sumanta and Sujoy began abusing Rakhi verbally as alleged by some of the locals. She also protested. This resulted in the goons entering their room beating her and driving her out of home along with her husband.

“They tore my saree, slapped me repeatedly and hit my head with a heavy rod. They even did not spare my feeble husband when he came to rescue me”, narrated Rakhi. She claimed that all of them were known Trinamul leaders of the locality, and even the representative of local Congress councilor was there.

The couple went to English Bazaar Police Station last night but police refused to lodge complaint suggesting to settle down the issue mutually. At this point Rakhi developed pain at her head and was taken to Malda Medical College and District Hospital.

This morning huge sensation was created with the spread of the news. CPI-M leader Koushik Mishra said, “Instead of police, kangaroo court was held even in the town. Worse the complaint of the woman was not registered by the police. Where are we living? We want justice to be ensured to the woman.” Trinamul Youth Congress leader Amlan Bhaduri said, “This is most unfortunate that woman was such tortured. I don’t think any of our party workers or leader was involved in this. I’ll talk to police so that complaint might be registered.”

 Finally with the mounting pressure from all corner, complaint was lodged. The SP, Malda Jayanta Pal said, “A complaint was received and we are looking into it.” However, none was arrested so far.

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