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Monday, May 28, 2012

UGB Authorities Retain ‘Home Exam Centre’ System

Malda, 27 May: Home examination centre facility for the undergraduate examinees of the University of Gour Banga (UGB) would not be cancelled for this year. The decision was made by the UGB authorities in a meeting with the principals of different colleges. Students’ Federation of India (SFI), Chhatra Parishad (CP) and Trinamul Chhatra Parishad (TMCP) have interpreted the decision of the varsity as the success of their movements.

This may be mentioned that former Vice Chancellor (VC) Prof Gopa Datta took the initiative in introducing ‘away centre’ for the undergraduate examinees. A decision was made by the varsity during her tenure in the last week of April this year. Prof Datta claimed that the ‘home centre’ system should be cancelled to ensure clarity in the examination process and to prevent the possibility of mass copying.

However, SFI, CP and other students’ organizations protested against the cancellation of ‘home centre system’ claiming that ‘away centre system’ wouldn’t feasible particularly at a short notice. They also started movement demanding the restoration of ‘home centre’ system.

Soon after new VC Prof Achintya Biswas took over, the students’ organizations met him and demanded that ‘away centre’ system should be cancelled.

Finally, the UGB authorities decided that ‘home centre’ system would be in force at least for this year.

Prof Biswas said, “We have taken the decision considering the some important factors like the huge distance between the colleges, inadequate infrastructure in small colleges to accommodate large number of examinees from other colleges etc.” “Publication of result was delayed, I’m also new. Hence, we have decided not to change the ‘home centre’ system this year,” he added.

“Actually, an emotional and ideological decision with regard to changing ‘home centre’ system was taken long back and in a university council (UC) meeting and the resolution was taken in that connection on 30 April in a meeting with the principals which was not very feasible for this year at least,” Prof Biswas said. 

SFI district secretary Animesh Sinha said, “It’s the success of our movement. We’ve been demanding that home centre system must not be altered. We’re happy the UGB authorities accepted our demand.” CP district president Prasenjit Das also said that the UGB authorities had to cancel ‘away centre’ system in face of their movement. TMCP district leadership too expressed satisfaction at the UGB authorities’ decision.

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