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Monday, June 4, 2012

Minister Calls Primary Teachers to Drive for Party in Pachayet Election

Malda, 3 June: While state panchayet minister Subrata Mukherjee is contemplating of barring the teachers from participating in panchayet election, state social welfare minister and district Trinamul Congress president Sabitri Mitra gave call to Trinamul Congress Siksha Cell (TMCSC) members to drive for the party in the ensuing panchayet election with an eye to defeat Congress in Malda.

Mitra addressing district organizational convention of TMCSC primary teachers said, “Teachers must remember that branch organizations like TMCSC would be stronger only when the mother party (Trinamul) is strengthened.” The minister urged the teachers to target the panchayet election so that overwhelming victory of Trinamul is ensured in Malda which is regarded as a traditional Congress bastion. 

“If we succeed convincingly in panchayet election in Malda, I’m sure the chief minister would feel encouraged to develop Malda in addition to what the new government has done already within one year,” she said reminding the teachers that they have a crucial role to play in ensuring Trinamul’s electoral success.
Sabitri Mitra

Making a dig at the Congress, Sabitri Mitra said, “Congress has already declared that they would go alone in panchayet poll in Malda. Their hidden agenda is to help CPI-M in winning in panchayet. Hence, we would go all out to defeat Congress without considering that they have an alliance with us or not.”

Ridiculing the Congress MP AH Khan Choudhury (Dalu), minister of state AN Khan Choudhury (Lebu) and the state Youth Congress president and MP Mausam Noor, who are the brothers and niece of late Ghani Khan, Mitra, Ghani’s once confidante, said, “After Barkatda’s demise Dara (Dalu), Suja (Lebu) and Nurjahan (Mausam) are ruining his dreams and ideals.”

Minister also urged that teachers belonging to TMCSC must strive to strengthen organization in the district. However, district TMCSC president Swapan Mandal, who was present in today’s programme, sounded little discordant to the minister’s appeal. “Our primary objective is to develop education and duty is to teaching regulary. If we get time at all after school hours, we may urge some villagers to vote for Trinamul candidate,” Mr Mandal said.

District primary school council (DPSC) chairman Ramprabesh Mandal and School service commission (SSC) – northern region chairman Abdul Wahab were present in the programme.

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