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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Trader from Bihar Abducted in Kaliachak: Purnea and Malda Police Pass Buck

Malda, 1 June: A fish trader of Bihar was kidnapped by his partners but police refuse to take action. Such an allegation was raised against Malda police. The victim’s family is planning to approach court on the face of police inaction. More than 13 days being spent and the kidnappers giving the deadline the family is spending sleepless night.

It is learnt that Rajendra Jaiswal, an inhabitant of Sadartola under Purnea Police Station of Bihar was a fish merchant. He had business deal with Sk Sahibuddin of Dariyapur under Kaliachak police station of Malda. Of late the duo might have developed some differences and Jaiswal used to deal alone.  A few days back Sahibuddin invited Jaiswal on a marriage ceremony at the former’s house. Accordingly, three assistants of Sahibuddin ----Mantu Sk, Samru Sk and Hyder Sk—went to Jaiswal’s house on 18th May and took him to Kaliachak. But to his utter amazement Jaiswal found no such occasion at Sahibuddin’s house. Instead he was kept confined at a house.

Satrudhan Jaiswal, brother of Rajendra informed that, soon after Rajendra’s departure from house, phone call was received by his inmates with the claim of money. Jaiswal family approached the Police Super of Purnea in this regard who in turn wrote a letter to his Malda counterpart to look into the matter. But Malda police did not respond to this request and nothing was done to rescue Jaiswal.      

Meanwhile, the kidnappers called Jaiswal’s home demanding Rs 6 lakh without which he might be killed.  Sudipta Ganguly, lawyer of Jaiswal along with Satrudhan today met Malda Police Super today but got no assurance from the latter. Mr Ganguly said, “Kaliachak police refused to take the complaint. When we met Malda SP today he did not entertain the letter of Purnea SP. Instead we were treated in a bad manner.” He said, “We are sending the complaint through registered post and if the police do not take any action we would approach the court tomorrow.”

Superintendent of police Jayanta Pal said, “There was no official communication from Purnea police. The source of the incident was Purnea. So there must be primary complaint there. We’ll accompany and support Purnea police if they come here to enquire the case.”

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