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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Uncertain Future Steals Away Madhyamik Topper’s Smile

Malda, 1 June: When the chief minister announced that no student had to leave study for the lack of money, it seemed to be a bitter irony for Raju Mandal of village Lalapur under English Bazaar Police Station. In fact the congratulations pouring into his hut after the result of Madhyamik, could not bring Raju’s smile as the uncertainty looms large before him. With no source of income it is difficult to sustain, leave alone the luxury of study. Thus even 92% in Madhyamik and fourth position in the district could not usher hope for this boy from remote area.

Youngest of three children of a home-guard Bhabesh Mandal, Raju knew the struggle since his childhood. Father’s meager income could hardly meet the two ends. With elder brother Biswajit studying in college Raju could not expect any help from his house for his study. Instead his brilliance since childhood and interest in different topics attracted the teachers of Naghria High School.

The first position from Class V was secured for him owing to the diligence. Avid reader Raju was however, never a bookworm. Instead interest in quizzing and general knowledge had brought laurels to him. “It was dream come true when last year we won the second prize in state level quiz competition organized by a television channel”, said Raju.

First in test examination as usual with a record marks in school Raju naturally raised hope for the teachers and neighbours for Madhyamik. But the just prior to the Madhyamik, Bhabesh suddenly succumbed to his ailment. “It was a bolt from the blue. I could not think of anything. I don’t know how I took the examination afterwards”, said Raju.

Empty vision for Raju?

But the encouragement and help from the teachers and his own determination brought out the brilliant marks. He got 90 in Bengali, 90 in English, 98 in Mathematics, 99 in Physical Science, 97 in Life Science, 93 in Geography and 80 in History. But amid the jubilation of the school teachers and villagers with this brilliant result, Raju could not join the celebration. His teacher Bimal Pramanik voiced his fear, “How could he continue his study in future with no income of family?” Raju’s dream of being a scientist seemed to be distant as mother Rekha Devi conceded that whatever money his father had was spent in marrying off the daughter and making the little hut.


  1. jani na kara pase darabe tumi darecho besh valo

  2. We are grateful to a businessman, closely associated with the Ramakrishna Math and Mission and a Rotarian, has benevolently extended his support to Raju so that he faces no constraint in carrying on his higher studies. The gentleman, who is reluctant to divulge his identity, said that he would bear the entire expense of Raju's studies as well as his other monthly expenses.