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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Congress MLA Accused of Attacking PP in Court Room

MALDA, 20 JUNE: Congress MLA of English Bazaar allegedly attacked the Public Prosecutor (PP) and tried to assault him entering into in the court room. Such an unprecedented incident startled Malda today. PP lodged a complaint to superintendent of police and sought security for his life. PP alleged that MLA was threatening his other panel members on a murder case against him. MLA on the other hand refused the allegation of threat and assault and claimed that PP had sought bribe of Rs 5 lakh from him.

Public Prosecutor of Malda Asitbaran Chaudhuri alleged that today around 11.45 am in presence of District Judge, Congress MLA of English Bazaar Krishnendu Choudhury along with some henchmen had entered the court room. “Choudhury with the help of his companions attempted to attack me and he attempted to destroy the case diaries with me”, PP said.

PP claimed that MLA was giving pressure to withdraw a criminal case against him. Back in 1997 one CPI-M worker Probal Ghosh was murdered in English Bazaar. In that case among others Mr Choudhury too was accused. He had been allegedly exerting pressure on PP to remove his name from the case. In fact two special Public Prosecutors appointed in this case had already withdrawn themselves citing personal reasons. PP observed that MLA’s pressure worked behind these withdrawals. In fact PP had submitted a petition to Additional Session Judge of Fast Track 1st Court regarding this pressure from MLA which the court had registered.

This infuriated the MLA which led him to attack PP today, as claimed by PP.  In a complaint to SP, Malda, PP said, “I am always under the state of their (Choudhury and his companions) threat from a recent past to withdraw the said case.” He further said that Choudhury’s intention was to assault me as he seriously attempting to catch hold of my necks. I seek protection from for me and for my office.”

MLA Krishnendu Choudhury, on the other hand said, “The allegation was totally false. I’m not so foolish to attack PP in the court room before the judge. Being a lawyer I myself had been to court today and wanted PP to clarify why he had submitted a false petition against me. But he in turn began to abuse me and pushed me aside.”  

MLA further said, “Since Left Front regime I was framed in number of false cases. Recently I had approached law minister Malay Ghatak to take up these cases. Ghatak asked for the case records but PP had refused to submit them and in turn advised the minister of on law. When I wanted to know from PP regarding this, he demanded Rs 5 lakh from me.”

“Reports come to us that the PP often demand bribes from people seeking redress and heckle those who don’t comply,” Choudhury said. He added that the PP humiliated him by shouting that it was he who had sold off municipal properties! He informed that he has already brought the matter to the notice of the Bar Association of Malda and he would report the matter to the minister concerned also.

PP reacted sarcastically, “Had I demanded money from him why had he been silent for so long? Why was there no complaint? Why didn’t the MLA lodge a complaint with the Bar Association before? Why he attacked be in the court room while I was on duty”

Comment of the SP couldn’t be had on this issue while Malda Bar Association has convened a meeting this evening as learnt from sources.

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