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Friday, August 17, 2012

Crib Death of Unknown Origin Unabated in Malda, Health Team Visits

MALDA, 18 JUNE: Six more babies died in Malda Medical College and Hospital (MMCH) in last 48 hours while the reason of this mystery fever remained unknown despite the test of blood and bone marrow sample. Another team of state health department has visited Malda today to find out the reason. Altogether 40 babies died of this fever since June 1. More than hundreds were affected.

8 years old Ankush Pal, son of Mohonlal Pal of Domhat, Manikchak died this morning in the hospital. Pal informed that his son had fallen ill on Sunday morning.  He was suffering from fever and convulsion. The condition being not improved Ankush was brought to hospital in the evening and was admitted to children ward. Around 8 am this morning, Ankush succumbed to his ailment.

Breaking into tears with the death of the only child Doli Pal, alleged, “The doctors could not diagnose my son’s disease. Nor they took proper attention. When he got the fit of convulsion at 11 pm last night, there was no doctor in the ward. We rushed to the nurse who applied an injection. But since then my son had no sense.”

Sources from hospital claimed that as many 22 children were admitted to hospital attacked by this unknown fever among which 6 died. They were Asif Momin (8), Ainul Alam (5), Ismatara Khatun (7), Abdul Karim (3), Jamal Sheikh (4) and Ankush Pal (8). Besides, another died at Kaliachak health centre suffering from convulsion.    

Meanwhile, the health department is yet to find out the reason for this death. It is believed that the toxin of any seasonal fruit is behind such disease. Today, Dr Satyajit Chakraborty, deputy director of Epidemic Control, Natural Calamity and Environmental Sanitation and deputy director of Public Health Dr Dipankar Majhi visited Malda Medical College and Hospital.

 It may be recalled that on 10th of this month three member team of state health department had visited Malda on the wake of this fever and they had collected the blood sample and bone marrow of the victims. But Dr Chakraborty conceded that despite different tests in Kolkata the reason was not determined. Now the samples are being sent to Cholera and Viral disease.

Dr Asit Biswas, spokesperson of state health department, said, “Such a fever was marked in Mujaffarpur, Bihar last year. Number of children also died of this. Most of the affected children of Malda belong to 2-8 years and hailed from Kaliachak. More than 80% of similarity is marked between two unusual fevers. We are yet to ascertain the disease. The blood sample might be sent to National Institute of Virology of Pune.” Dr Biswas conceded that 39 babies died since 1st June while number of affected is 107.

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