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Friday, August 17, 2012

Dacoits Applied New Technique to Rob Padatik Express, One Arrested

MALDA, 17 JUNE: A notorious criminal Rafiqul Islam was arrested today in connection with the attacking the reserved compartments of Kolkata bound down Padatik Express on 15 June night near Eklakhi station. Rafiquul was detained late last night from Beltala village under Harischandrapur police station by joint forces of railway police and state police of Harischandrapur police station. He was arrested today after prolonged interrogation.

SRP, Siliguri Mr Shyamal Bhattacharya, who came for the enquiry said that Rafiqul along with three others reached near Eklakhi station to rob the passengers of Padatik express. They cut off the signal cable wire and as the signal turned red the train stopped. However, finding the gates of the train locked the dacoits tried to rob the passengers through the window of the train. Mr Bhatacharya said that Rafiqul had dreaded criminal record. Some names were also recovered from him but police would not reveal those names for the sake of the enquiry.

However, the new technique of the dacoits of cutting the signal cable wire to stop a train has earned frown of the railway officials. It has been learnt from sources that railway authorities are contemplating of keeping the signal wire at least three to four feet under the soil. In addition construction of two new platforms has also been proposed so that the trains don’t have to wait at the outer for a long time. The project with an estimated budget of Rs 5 crore has already been sent to the railway authorities, sources informed.

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