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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Five Men Committee of Lawyers to Reach Amicable Settlement of PP-MLA Controversy

MALDA, 1 JULY: A five men committee has been formed to find a solution for resolving the controversy that cropped up between the public prosecutor (PP) of Malda Asitbaran Chaudhuri and English Bazaar Congress MLA and chairman of English Bazaar Municipality Krishnendu Choudhury.

This may be mentioned that MLA Mr Choudhury allegedly attacked the Public Prosecutor (PP) and tried to assault him entering into in the court room on 20 June. PP lodged a complaint to superintendent of police and sought security for his life. PP alleged that MLA was threatening his other panel members on a murder case against him. MLA on the other hand refused the allegation of threat and assault and claimed that PP had sought bribe of Rs 5 lakh from him and also from other people and he only protested against that.

The MLA, who is himself a lawyer, submitted a petition to the district bar association reporting the matter.

A meeting of the executive body was held on the day of occurrence in the evening. There it was decided that the matter would be placed in the general meeting on 28 June. In the meeting majority of the members of bar association said that both the conflicting members affected the image of the bar. MLA Mr Choudhury was present in the meeting but PP Mr Chaudhuri was absent citing some reasons.

As a decision couldn’t be rached, a five men committee comprising the president and secretary of bar association and senior advocates Subir Bhowmik,Salil Das and Abani Dutta was formed to find an amicable settlement. However, MLA humbly apologised in the meeting and said, “If my beheviour hurt the esteem of the members of the bar association, I would seek apologies.”

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