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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Girl Child Disowned by Father

MALDA, 11 JULY:  Even after so many campaigns the stigma from the girl child is yet to be removed. The latest cruelty came in form of refusing to let in girl child at home disowning the baby. The hapless mother is spending days at hospital with the new born. The incident taking place at Gazole has exposed once again the ‘burden’ of a girl child, refused by society.

Moumita Pramanik of village Tulsidanga under Gazole police station was married to Ananta Pramanik of village Godang about one and half year back. After a few months, Ananta, barber by profession had left the house in search of sustenance. In absence of her husband she was allegedly tortured in in-law house.  Later Moumita too was driven out from her in-law house by his father in law Naresh Pramanik and mother in law Sushila. Ananta came back home two months back. Moumita too gathered the courage to return. Meanwhile, she became pregnant.

Two days back she was admitted to Gazole Hospital where she had delivered a girl child yesterday. However, Ananta while visiting his wife had claimed that the child was not his. He alleged that Moumita had got the child from an illicit affair. His parents too disowned the baby. Moumita said, “Just after getting the news of a girl child, my husband became infuriated and refused to own her. He abused me with filthy words.”

Moumita offered a medical test of the baby to confirm its father. At this Ananta claimed Rs 50000 from Moumita’s father before testing the fatherhood. Hapless Moumita is now spending her days in hospital without knowing her fate. “Where shall I go? Is girl child still such a stigma to be let in the family?” She is contemplating to go to police on this issue.

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