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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Head of Primary School Accused of Holding In-Law’s Marriage in School Declaring Holiday

MALDA, 29 JUNE: Teacher in charge (TIC) of a primary school was accused of using the school building for the marriage of his sister-in-law declaring holidays for students for a couple of days. As soon as the incident came to fore today, the chairman of district primary school council (DPSC) ordered a probe into the stunning allegation.

The decrepit school building had a facelift with decoration. Pandals were still there. Last night’s celebration still had its remains with food staffs piled in rooms, chairs here and there, bedding for the guests still not packed; even the tune of sehnai could be heard. The wedding completed last night, had some rituals left in this morning as well. Apart from the newlywed couple the relatives are still there if the guests were nowhere. Only a careful peep could find the name of Manikchak Khanpur Managed Primary School written in the wall.

For last two days the school was busy in arranging for a wedding. No wonder, there was no class and hundred odd students had to return home without taking any lesson. If that made a huge sensation in the locality, the TIC was unfazed as the wedding was of his own kin.

TIC of Khanpur Managed Primary School Sanat Mishra arranged the marriage of his sister-in-law Priya Mishra and without taking any community hall for the wedding, he occupied his own school for this occasion.

The date was fixed on 28 June. Accordingly, on 27 June, TIC asked the students not to come to school for next two days. Since yesterday morning, car load of cooking materials were pouring in; decorators were busy in giving a facelift to the entire area. Room for Class I was turned to store room; Teachers’ Room made the way for the kitchen with gas oven and cooking utensils; Class III room was arranged for eating; Class IV room in the upstairs were meant for entertaining barjatri (groom’s party). In the middle of the school ground a stage was set for performing the rituals of marriage.

Mr Mishra found nothing wrong in such arrangements. “We had informed the students not to come to school for two days”, he justified. But students like Mousumi Ghosh, Sibsankar Ghas who could not get the notice, had to return home even today. Guardians too could not take it in the spirit of TIC. Madhu Das, one of them said, “We send children to school for study. How come the school building is used for wedding?”

Chairman of District Primary Council Ramprabesh Mandal reacted sharply to this incident, “Such a thing cannot be allowed. One must not compromise with the interest of the pupils.  We are sending a sub Inspector (SI) of school immediately to the school and ask him to submit a report. We’ll definitely take action on the basis of that report”.     

SI Mustafijur Rahaman said, “I’m looking into if the TIC has taken permission for using the school for marriage. I would submit a report in this regard on Monday.”

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