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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Laurels for Malda Mangoes in National Mango Festival in New Delhi

MALDA, 10 JULY:  If the poor production of mango has upset the mango farmers of Malda, the consolation came in form of the award won in national mango festival. As many as five awards were won by a single family of the district which certainly provided a solace to the district which has suffered a huge setback in production. Aminul Islam of Gazole had taken part in the 24th National Mango Festival and Competition held in New Delhi and won the prizes in the category of Langra and Amrapali. Besides they had also taken the laurel in varieties of mango they have exhibited. Today they have returned home.

It is learnt that in 2010 Malda had produced 2.5 lakh metric ton of mango while in 2011 it was 3.5 lakh metric tons. Apart from neighbor Bangladesh most of the fruits were exported to Saudi Arabia and Europe. But this year owing to inclement weather the production has fallen to 40000-50000 metric ton. Even fruits could not be exported to Bangladesh. Samir Ghosh, joint secretary of Federation of Exporters’ Association, claimed that in each year at least Rs 200 cr-250 cr were earned by the govt by this export. But this year the income has fallen to the lowest.

However, amid this bleak scenario, the achievement of Aminul has brought the silver line. He along with his brother Najrul Haque and son Javed Alim took part in the national mango festival held at Pitampura, New Delhi on 6-8 July. In the category of Langra, both the first and second prize were won by them. In the category of Amrapali too they had grabbed both the first and second prize. Besides, Aminul also presented the variety of the mangoes found in West Bengal. In this category too he won a special jury award.

Elated Mr Islam getting down from train today said, “It is really thrilling to win so many laurels for our district. This is really special this year with mango this year has belied our expectation. I hope this award will inspire others in organic farming.”

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