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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Life Saving Drug Crunch in Malda Medical College, Filthy Environment Compounds Problem

MALDA, 26 JUNE: When Malda Medical College is facing the fear of losing recognition from Medical Council of India (MCI) owing to its poor infrastructure, the patients admitted here are in even worse condition. If the poor maintenance has made the hell of the environment of the hospital area, lack of life saving drugs has added to the woes of the patients.

Life saving drugs including anti venom is also scarce in the hospital. This is particularly alarming in this monsoon as snake bite in the district is on the rise.. With the onset of monsoon number of snake bite cases increase in the district. It has been learnt from sources that the district health authorities are running short of stock of the life saving drug for the victims of snake bite.

Chief medical officer of health (CMOH) Dr SK Jhariyat conceded that there was shortage of anti venom serum in district hospitals. “There is some shortage and order to purchase the drug has already been ordered,” Dr Jharaiyat said.

It is also found that even after the AMRI accident, hospital authority has maintained the indifference regarding the fire prevention. All the cylinders meant for fire control have crossed their expiry dates. Bearing the dates most of them stood damaged. Jyotiprakash Mandal, a relative of a patient who came from Manikchak, pointed his finger to the cylinders, “Hospital authority plays indifferent to the risk of fire accident without taking any lesson from AMRI.”

It is learnt that altogether 57 fire preventive cylinders were set in the hospital on 11 June of 2011. All of them had expired on 10th of this month.  Anxious MLA Krishnendu Choudhury said, “I had asked the superintendent of Hospital to replace the cylinders before they were expired. I don’t know why it was not done yet.”

Dr Jhariyat conceded that he got the information a few days back from the hospital. “I’ve written to the agency which is assigned to supply and maintain these cylinders. I hope new cylinders would arrive soon.”

700-bed strong hospital has been suffering from the huge pressure of the patients who come from other districts and even from other states.  With the onset of monsoon and the construction work of medical college going on, the waste in the hospital has been taking a dirtiest shape. With the blood stained cottons lying here and there along with the medical waste the area has become a nightmare of the patients. Stagnant water has worsened the situation.

Dr Jhariayat said, “It is true that the cleaning operation in the hospital is not up to mark. The citizen centric cleanliness programme which was to start from June is deferred to July.”

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