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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Minister Locks Up Headmaster’s Room Alleging Irregularities

MALDA, 25 JUNE:  Minister asked the managing committee (MC) and teachers not to allow the Headmaster in the school. In an unprecedented interference the minister in Charge of women development and Social Welfare Sabitri Mitra today visited the Kalindri High School of Malda and expressed her disgust over the irregularities going on in the school. In absence of the Headmaster of the school Nazibul Haque, minister said, “He has no right to be in the chair. I’ve asked the MC not to allow him entering the school.” 

Allegations were piling on against the school authority of Kalindri School over the months. Midday meal was not served for months while the rice meant for it was regularly withdrawn. Huge rice was piled up in 3 rooms of the school which already began to rot. It is learnt that the dispute over the Self Help Groups (SHG) assigned to cook the meal played the main ordeal. Even there was no transparency regarding money collected from students as admission fee.

Today, around 2.30 pm Mitra entered the school and checked the papers and rooms. Later she talked with some members of the Managing committee and also with the teachers. She locked the all the papers in a locker and handed over the key to a senior teacher. Justifying her action, Mrs Mitra said, “I visited the school today as minister and local MLA. Huge quantity of midday meal grains were found on the floor and those grains were infested with worms. Sack of rice was found in Principal’s room. Midday meal has been suspended since 2011. Cooks of SHG are not getting their wage amounting Rs 16000.”

She added, “Headmaster has not been coming for over five months without any application to MC. He also misappropriated the fund received for installing computer for students and MLA LAD to build a gate. The gate manufacturer didn’t get the bill. He also embezzled fund received from MZP.”

Minister further said, “100 cheques received for minorities were lapsed for his fault. It’s so sad. 100 more cheques are going to be lapsed soon. Files were kept in his house. I have asked DI to enquire into matter and lodge complaint against him. I think FIR should be lodged against him and he should be imprisoned. I was urged by teachers, guardians and committee members to take action. So I visited the school today and checked papers which showed allegations were true. I want the Principal to quit and new one should come.”  

District Inspector of Schools (DI) Partha Jha said, “We had received complaints regarding irregularities running on this school. Tomorrow a team from our office would visit the school and if found guilty Principal might be suspended.”  However, he kept mum o the issue of Minister’s intervention and locking up office by her own.

Principal Nazibul Haque, when contacted over phone, refused to comment saying, “I don’t know anything, I won’t comment.”

If Minister’s action against Headmaster had drawn applaud from teachers and villagers, questions were raised regarding her action. “If the Headmaster was corrupted and misused funds, there were procedures of taking action against him. Such an intervention of a minister is not approved by our party and chief minister as well”, said Dulal Sarkar, state Trinamul Congress leader.

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