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Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Controversy in Gour Banga Varsity over Entrance Gate

MALDA, 22 JUNE: If the University of Gour Banga (UGB) is used to live with controversies, the fresh one comes with the gate cost about Rs 23 lakh. Such a huge expenditure behind this gate is feared to be wasted as the necessary permission from National Highway Division is not received. Rather NHAI objected to the plan of making such gate in their area. University authority has already taken up the plan of making a new gate forsaking the old one which eventually gave birth of a fresh controversy. 

It may be recalled that back in 2011 the construction of the University Gate started with the fund of the then MP Sitaram Yechury. Following the historical Lukochuri Darwaja of ancient Bengal capital Gour, the gate would have been the main entrance of the university from National Highway-34. However, at the time of its completion, it is found that the permission from National Highway Authority of India did not give the permission. They objected to making culvert of bridge on the High Drain along the NH-34 which was imperative for using the gate.

It has been learnt from PWD department which has built 10 mts long and 7 mts wide gate that already Rs 23.80 lakh was spent and the gate now only needs painting. “But we did not know that there was no permission from NHAI; it was not our lookout,” said a senior engineer of the department.

Registrar in Charge of the university, Madhab Adhikary had passed the buck on his predecessors, “I’ve taken the charge for only 22 days. But as far my knowledge goes, NHAI had objected after completion of the work.” Engineer of the GBU Anirban Goon conceded that NHAI had raised objection citing number of points. “NHAI pointed out that the distance from intersection zone and the gate should have been at least 500 mts, but here it was merely 17 mts”.

M Saifullah, NHAI Project Director of Malda said, “University had submitted a faulty plan for the gate to us and we sent back for correction. But the fresh map is yet to be received. If we get this we’ll send it to Ministry of Surface Transport for approval.”

Adhikary said, “In view of this problem with the gate, we have decided to make a new entrance from the back of the university to facilitate the students.” 

Now the controversy began with the decision. “Without a meeting of the Finance Committee and without finding out the responsible for the earlier mistake how can university undertake to build a new gate?” said a Finance Committee member. In fact the permission for the new gate from Municipality and Zilla Parishad was not received yet. It is feared that the construction of new gate too is going to be halted soon.

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