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Sunday, August 26, 2012

UGB Adopts Measures to Strengthen Exam Department, Removal of Previous Agency Recommended

MALDA, 24 JUNE: University of Gour Banga (UGB) authorities are now concentrating on the department of controller of examinations so that the long standing problems of delayed publication of result and circulation of faulty mark-sheets could be checked from this year. The agency that was so far assigned checking of copies and publication of result has been removed. Besides, the varsity authorities are also disposing the complaints from the students filed through right to information (RTI) on emergency basis.

This may be mentioned that the department of controller of examinations (COE) was held responsible for delayed publication of result of different examinations time and again. It was also a common allegation from the students and the college teachers that the mark-sheets of final examinations were faulty which resulted in a big deal of problem for the students with regard to their admission and subsequent examinations. Students’ organizations like students’ federation of India (SFI), Chhatra Parishad (CP) and others organized numerous movements against the COE department before.

After Prof Achintya Biswas took over as the vice chancellor (VC) on 14 May, he said that his priority would be to set the COE department in order so that the prevalent problems of the department could be eradicated forthwith in the interest of the students.

Accordingly, Prof Biswas appointed two retired college teachers Dr Samar Mishra and Pallab Dasgupta were appointed advisors to the COE department. Though their engagement without the approval University Council (UC) earned huge flak from different corners, VC said it was necessary to put the limping COE department in order.

The role of the private agency that had been assigned for checking up of copies and other examinations related tasks was held responsible for their ‘sluggish and casual approach in handling crucial examinations related duties.’ A senior member of the finance committee Gobinda Basak questioned the passing of the bill of that agency when their performance was ‘not at all satisfactory.’

Later, it was decided that the agency would be removed. Of late the UGB authorities sent handwritten provisional result of those students, who had received incomplete results before, to different colleges. COE Dr RK Dey didn’t like to comment on the removal of the agency. But Dr Dey conceded that handwritten result has been dispatched. “It’s provisional and we would distribute computerized mark-sheets soon,” he said.

Officiating registrar Dr Madhab Adhikary also was reluctant to speak in this regard citing the cause of confidentiality. However, Dr Adhikary said, “I have also heard that the measures would be taken regarding the agency.”

Dr Samar Mishra, advisor to the COE, was rather quite candid. “Yes followi9ng their unsatisfactory and deplorable performance, removal of the agency appointed by the COE has been recommended. VC has been requested to find a new agency. This time we would be cautious in perusing the credential and performance of the agency before engaging them,” Dr Mishra said. He added that at least eight applications from examinees filed through RTI act were disposed. “We are trying to sort out the faults and to mend them to put an end to long existing problems regarding COE department,” he added.

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