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Friday, August 17, 2012

VC and Minister Attack Media after Allegations of Corruption Raised against UGB Authorities

MALDA, 17 JUNE: Vice chancellor (VC) of Gour Banga University now attacks the media which reported the controversy regarding his appointing the ‘advisers’ bypassing the University Council (UC). In a function held at University campus, VC Prof Achintya Biswas, said, “Some media are out to tarnish the image of the university. But this will not deter our progress.” Referring to the newspapers sarcastically he said, “I cannot take the pain to educate them all who question the power of VC. They enter my room without appointment and ask me questions at will.”

All this came at the wake of controversy born with the decision taken by the VC bypassing the university council (UC).  First came the news of appointing two retired teachers as ‘advisors’ in confidential controller of examinations cell. 

This was done without the permission of UC. In fact, no meeting of UC has been held since Prof Biswas took over the charge of the VC on 14 May. Questions were raised if these appointments were legal as there was no approval from UC. Worse, the confidential section like examination cell could afford such outsiders was questioned by many. However, VC claimed that it was his discretion that advisors were appointed. A number of dailies published the news.

Again reports were published regarding reconstituting the finance committee to pass the bills worth few lakh which again drew the wrath of VC. In fact number of dailies published the objection of some UC members in this regard. VC this time too claimed that no norm was flouted.     

Achintya Biswas

Today while inaugurating a Guest House at University, VC took the chance of attacking the media. Interestingly he got the Minister by his side.

Minister of women and social welfare department Sabitri Mitra said, “VC can change any committee if he wishes so. Some media are out to criticize the good works of VC. We won’t allow it.”

Meanwhile, fresh controversy arose with the gate of the university which remains defunct despite spending huge behind it. The gate to enter the university campus from National Highway -34 needed a culvert and bridge over the drain but it needed permission from the National Highway Authority of India. Gobinda Basak, member of University finance committee conceded, “The plan was faulty but already Rs 20 lakh was spent behind it. We don’t know the fate of this gate yet.”

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