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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Veterans Dropped from Dist CPI-M Secretariat

MALDA, 18 JUNE: Four veterans including one woman tribe member have been dropped from the district secretariat of CPI-M that was formed yesterday in presence of party’s Central Committee leaders Mohammed Salim and Shyamal Chakraborty. A large section of party leaders term the reconstitution of the secretariat as the end of party’s once redoubtable leader Sailen Sarkar’s era as former cabinet minister Mr Sarkar has been only ornamentally accommodated in the committee.

This may be mentioned that in CPI-M district conference Sailen Sarkar’s close comrade Jiban Maitra was elected the district secretary which startled most of the district CPI-M workers as Maitra himself wanted to relinquish the post. However, he retained the post for around one month only when he was replaced by Ambar Mitra, a much younger face on 29 January. Sailen Sarkar fell seriously ill during the conference and he was not present when Maitra was replaced.

After the party Congress of CPI-M, where both Mitra and Maitra was delegated along with few other leaders, the reconstitution was only a matter of time. Last time there were 14 members in the secretariat. Out of them Tushar Bhattacharya and Ranjit Chakraborty were dropped from the party’s district committee during the conference. Hence, it was clear that they had no chance in the secretariat this time.

Again another senior party leader Ashok Bhattacharya, a member of the former secretariat, was dropped from the new secretariat yesterday. Sailen Sarkar is there as the mere ‘permanent invitee’ member which is regarded as a consolation post that has no franchise if any issue goes for voting among the secretariat members.

Notably, Sarkar who once played the pivotal role for the district CPI-M had many opponents even within the party who used to criticize him sternly. One of them, on condition of anonymity, said, “It was only a matter of time that  Sarkar would be dropped. It was he who took the party to the apex in Malda and it is none other than he who must owe the deplorable state of the party now in the district.”

New district secretary Ambar Mitra, however, avoiding all controversies said, “Three new faces would be included to the secretariat later. Bhattacharya sought relief from leadership citing cause of ill health. Party honoured his wishes.”

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