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Monday, October 29, 2012

Dalu's Elevation Doesn't Excite Locals

Malda, October 28, 2012: Though it’s a red-letter day for the Khan Choudhury family as after as long as quarter of a century they are virtually blessed with a ministerial berth in Union government, the common people seemed to be quite indifferent to Dalu's bonanza.

It was long back in 1987 when late Ghani Khan quit the planning implementation ministry of Union cabinet rightly realizing that it was only a consolation post for him. Since then despite being elected five times thereafter late Ghani was never inducted in Union cabinet again.

Today the swearing in of Ghani’s brother AH Khan Choudhury (Dalu) put an end to the drought of ministry for the family after 25 years.

But Roky Sheikh, a small trader doesn’t take it seriously, “A deputy minister has nothing to do. We have seen six deputy ministers of the Trinamul Congress who have resigned and they had mere topping role. Dalu da to won’t be an exception. He is not an enterprising personality either.”

Swapan Goswami, a bank employee was also disinterested about Dalu’s ministry. He didn’t even care to know what portfolio was given to late Ghani’s brother. “I don’t have much faith in him,” Goswami said.

But Habbi Sheikh a rickshaw-puller significantly said, “Dalu’s ministry in Centre and Krishnendu Choudhury’s probable ministry after he joins the Trinamul shortly may bring flood of development to Malda. “Either of them would try to surpass the other and the people would be benefitted,” Sheikh said.

Sheikh Mintu, a betel-leaf seller however, probably out of his personal anguish, spoke harshly against Dalu. “He didn’t get the ministry by his own caliber. The minority factor too was not the cause behind his ministry. It’s the lingering influence of Barkat Sahib in Delhi even six and a half years after his death that fetched Dalu the ministry,” Sheikh said. “It’s his family quota,” he chuckled.

Rabiul Hoque, a student of History honours,, however, said, “Mausam Noor would have been a better choice for ministry. She is young and energetic. She is a good organizer either. Hence, she would have been given preference and not Dalu.”

On the other hand for Mungli, Nasima or Rajesh – dwellers of Kotowali house there is little time to consider these details; nor the difference between Cabinet Minister and Minister of State. “Let’s celebrate today and plan over catering our Sahib with his favourite dishes.

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