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Monday, October 29, 2012

Dalu's Ministry Evokes Mixed Reactions, Trinamul Leader Quadery Elated

Malda, October 28, 2012:  Kotwali house of Khan Choudhury had little few to celebrate the occasion of Dalu becoming minister as the inmates of the family were all in Delhi. Thus the onus of celebrating fell on cook Mungli, driver Rajesh, Rintu or Nasima. And no wonder, the memory of Baro Sahib (Ghani Khan Choudhury) comes frequently today. After all, it is after 25 years that the ministerial berth returns to Kotwali after Ghani’s enjoying cabinet Ministry in 1987.
If the announcement in television has brought a joyous note in the house, a little uneasiness prevailed over the presence of Dalu’s niece Sehnaz Quadery in the house. Mrs Quadery is now a Trinamul Congress leader and the Vice Chairperson of Women’s Commission. “

But soon the confusion was over. Coming out of house, Mrs Quadery offered money to the servants, “Go and take some abir and crackers.” Within moments came the colours and crackers. The celebration was in full swing. Even Mrs Quadery herself joined the party, “Not as Trinamul Congress leader, but as the niece of Dalumama I’m celebrating. This family witnesses a minister after 28 years; this is the time for celebration.” However, she feared, “Mama hardly gets time to perform, it is very difficult for him to deliver.”

Dream for a ministerial berth eventually fulfilled for Dalu

Meanwhile, Congress supporters led by Narendranath Tiwari celebrated the oath taking of Dalu in festive mood. “We are happy that Daluda becomes a minister and got the charge of health. Our dream of AIIMS in Raiganj will soon become true”, said Tiwari.      

Chairman of district Left Front Jiban Maitra said, "Khan Choudhury's performance as an MP is well known to the people of Malda. It's good that he has become a minister now. Let us see if the ministry brings change to his performance."

English Bazaar Congress MLA Krishnendu Choudhury, whose joining the Trinamul is merely matter of time said, "Dalu babu is total failure as a people's representative. Whatever he is, he is not even the shadow of late Barkat Da,"

Minister and district Trinamul president Sabitri Mitra too doesn't find much hope of development of the state or the district with Dalu's ministry. "He is a well known non-performer and ministry too is not expected to bring any change I believe," Mitra said.

State BJP secretary from Malda Biswapriya Roy Chowdhury said, "At last the cat has got the fish. But Dalu babu who is compelled to refer to late Ghani Khan every now and then as a family asset is sure to fail as a minister and we must not forget that the UPA has only one and a half years to last." 

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