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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Housewife Killed by Husband for Refusing to Sell Liquor

Malda, October 17, 2012: Wife did not agree with the husband’s proposal to sell liquor from house. Infuriated husband brutally killed her before the eyes of two babies. The accused scampered away with the murder spreading sensation at Sahapur under Malda Police Station. Police recovered the body and sent for post mortem.

30 year old Mamoni Sarkar was married with Ramesh Sarkar of the area five years back. They have a son and a daughter. Surajit Ghosh, a neighbour of Sarkar said, “Ramesh had been away in work as a labourer and returned only yesterday. but soon the couple was involved in a quarrel. Many of us could hear this although we could not find the reason.” This morning when none came out of the house till 11 am, people were curious. Peeping through the half closed door revealed that the body of Mamoni lying in the pool of blood. The two children were seated beside the body. But Ramesh was nowhere in the house. Police were informed.

The children were taken to a neighbour Sumitra Mandal’s house. The elder of the duo Shanku who is only three and half years old, could say, “Papa has killed mother with the broken glass bottle.” His two years old sister Supriya was however, a silent onlooker. 

Neighbour Sumitra informed that Ramesh was seen early this morning, who was leaving house saying that his wife and children were still asleep. It is learnt from the neighbours that Ramesh wanted to sell illicit liquor from his house. He insisted his wife to sell it which would earn money. But Mamoni was against it and the couple was often engaged in tiff over this issue. Police began the probe and got the hints of pressure on the part of Ramesh which finally led to murder.    

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