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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mamata to Teach Congress a Lesson in Congress Bastion Malda by Including Congress MLA Krishnendu Choudhury to TMC

Malda, October 17, 2012: Trinamul Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee is presumably going to start retaliating the continuous Congress attack against her government from strong Congress bastion Malda. English Bazaar Congress MLA Krishnendu Choudhury and some other senior Congress leaders would, in all probability, join Trinamul Congress and thus the chief minister is trying to set back Congress in North Bengal. Though Choudhury is tight-lipped in this regard yet, his status update in facebook can be taken as an index of his next political stance.

Although an official confirmation is to come yet, it is almost finalized that Choudhury who is also the chairman of English Bazaar Municipality, along with number of councilors and panchayet prodhans are to join Trinamul after Puja. Yesterday he held a meeting with Mamata Banerjee along with other Trinamul leaders in second phase after the first round in first week of October.

It is thought to be a ploy of Trinamul to break Congress in its stronghold. It may be noted that just a day back Mamata had sent a birthday wish to the Murshidabad Congress MP Mannan Hossain which was seen as a similar ploy by the political observers. 

Regarding Malda, strife torn district Trinamul is far from taking on the Congress in the coming rural poll. On the other hand, Choudhury did not have best of the relationship with Congress district leadership especially Abu Hasem Khan Choudhury (Dalu). In number of occasions he challenged Dalu’s authority the latest one of which came in the last week when Krishnendu was conspicuous in his absence in a meeting against state government.   

However,  in his facebook profile Choudhury wrote on 14 October, “The result of Jangipur bi-election proved that the consequence of going against the wind would be bad and not good.”

Sources from state Trinamul claimed that it is already finalized that Choudhury would join Trinamul along with his followers. In that case he would even be given a berth in cabinet although he would lose his MLA post. Trinamul is all set to fight a by-election to reelect Choudhury. But in that case Congress would certainly have a jolt prior to the rural poll.

District Trinamul leaders are all set to welcome Congress MLA in the party. “He was formerly with us and one of the oldest associates of Didi. Now if he returns to our party he is most welcome. In that case Congress would lose its ground further here”, said Dulal Sarkar, state Trinamul leader.

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