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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Trinamul Youth Leaders Fight Openly over New Dist Committee

Malda, October 15, 2012: Soon after the district committee of Trinamool Youth Congress was declared in presence of the state leadership, a bitter factional battle commenced within over the authenticity of the committee. Embarrassed state leadership advised both the factions to resolve differences in organizational meeting.

While the district president Amlan Bhaduri and his followers accused the opponent as the ‘agent of the CPI-M,’ the acting district president Ananta Chakraborty and his supporters claimed that state president Shubhendu Adhikary’s signature was forged by Bhaduri to accommodate CPi-M and Congress people in the Trinamool.

Bhaduri, who is now close to minister Sabitri Mitra, convened a meeting of the Trinamool Youth Congress (TMYC) on 13 October to strengthen the campaign against introduction of FDI in retail and price-hike. Photocopies of a paper claimed to be signed by Adhikary containing names and contact numbers of new district TMYC portfolio holders were generously distributed among the TMYC supporters who were also warned to distinguish between the ‘fake’ TMYC and original ones.

(File picture of open battle between Bhaduri and Chakraborty factions of TMYC in Malda)

Interestingly, another faction of TMYC led by Mr Chakraborty, an associate of Trinamul state secretary and vice chairman of English Bazaar Municipality Dulal Sarkar, skipped the meeting on the ground of attending another district programme of district Trinamul Women’s Congress (TMWC) headed by Chaitali Sarkar, Sarkar’s wife.

Chakraborty and Nasimul Islam, both working presidents of TMYC, soon after the committee was declared alleged that many Congress and CPI-M leaders were deliberately included in the committee only to weaken the organization. “Minority section has been neglected in the committee,” Islam alleged.

Chakraborty said, “Bhaduri joined the Trinamul from the BJP only two years back and now it’s clear that as the agent of the BJP, he is trying to demolish TMYC organization.” He claimed that Adhikary’s signature was forged and the matter was brought to state president’s notice. “Adhikary assured us to include genuine TMYC activists name and it proves that he too has no faith in Bhaduri,” Chakraborty added.

On the contrary, Bhaduri said, “Chakraborty, when he was in Congress, contested assembly election as an agent of the CPI-M to defeat the Congress candidate. His integrity is so questionable that he couldn’t even win in municipal election. I just don’t like to speak much about such immoral characters whose motto is only to arrest the growth of TMYC in Malda.”

Embarrassed by the bare factionalism the state secretary of TMYC Indraneil Ray said, “None should speak in public about organizational issues. We have party forum to resolve all such issues.” “Some agents of our rival parties are trying to humiliate our organization but their design would be foiled,” Ray added.

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